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Zirconia & emax

For green state

Excellent for Zirconia Green State. Contours the material before the sintering process.

Very cost-effective way to work with pre-sintered Zirconia.

4 Elements

4 elements

The 4 Elements are the premier contouring and polishing discs for zirconia and lithium disilicate. Created with highly concentrated diamond particles, these 4 discs perform beautifully with every step of working the material. Use the coarse, Fire, for contouring zirconia; the medium, Water, for lithium disilicate; the fine, Earth, for a second step on zirconia or lithium disilicate; and the super fine, Wind, for a brilliant shine.



Made specifically for Emax. Produced with diamond and abrasive grit. Also works well on ceramics.



Pure 100% diamond. Very hard for maximum results on Zirconia and Emax.

Sintered Point

Sintered Point

Mounted points manufactured with sintered diamond that remain cool will working Zirconia and e.max



Very efficient contouring of Zirconia. Virtually no heat build-up and surface remains smooth and free from micro-cracks.

No water cooling required.

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