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AMS Eclipse Zirconia

AMS Eclipse Zirconia used Optimized Microstructure Zirconia  

powder and promised Superior Aesthetic Quality Zirconia


AMS Eclipse Zirconia used Zirconia Powder without Binder. 

Most commercial zirconia discs used zirconia powder with binder. 

Binder should be burned out either during the pre-sintering step or during 

the sintering zirconia. The result of burn out binders leaved micro-pores 

inside zirconia and could results a non-uniformed density distribution.


AMS Eclipse Zirconia use a COLLOIDAL PROCESS which give 

Superior uniformity. Dry powder process has had an limitation of 

uniformity regardless biaxial press or isostatic process. 

ECLIPSE Zirconia has resolved by a colloidal process !!


ECLIPSE Kiss Zirconia has the highest light transmission. It’s 

superior aesthetic qualities make suitable for cases of anterior so to 

harmonize with natural teeth. ECLIPSE Kiss Zirconia A2 pre-colored 

shade is available. 


ECLIPSE Zirconia V2.0 has a high translucency and high strength. 

It makes suitable for posterior, long bridges, abutment, etc. where 

the frameworks required a high strength.

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