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Amber Press

Superior Strength

460 MPa flexural strength way superior to the other conventional lithium disilicate glass-ceramic press ingots.


Aesthetic Outcomes

Amber Press helps create highly aesthetic and natural-looking dental restorations which provides patients with confident and beautiful smiles.

Simple and Safe

Only the least amount of reaction layer remains on Amber Press after pressing work. There is no need to apply the acid liquid for cleaning-up, thereby a simple and non-hazardous process can be achieved.

Amber LiSi-POZ

Superior Strength

   3 x Higher

Amber LiSi-POZ offers three times higher flexural strength than conventional veneering materials for Zirconia. After pressing, the flexural strength is over 380 MPa.

   High As Monolithic Zirconia

The fatigue fracture strength of restorations made from Zirconia framework and Amber LiSi-POZ is as high as monolithic zirconia crowns.

   45 MPa Bonding Strength

The micro-tensile bond strength of restoration between zirconia framework and Amber LiSi-POZ is over 45 MPa.

More Lifelike

Amber LiSi-POZ veneering has similar translucency to the enamel layer of natural teeth and the translucency of zirconia framework is similar to that of dentin of natural teeth. High aesthetics of Amber LiSi-POZ enables it to replace a damaged natural teeth perfectly.

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