Ultra-thin cutting


Ultra-thin separating disc reinforced with micro-fiber. Extremely durable, flexible, and long-lasting.

Low heat produced and used at high speeds. 50,000 rpm Comes in 2 types and 2 sizes.

AF – aluminum oxide for alloys. SF – silicone carbide for zirconia, e.max and pure gold. .3 mm and .2mm


Diamond Disc

Ultra-thin diamond coated separating disc.

This is the ultimate cutting disc. Used for all metals, ceramics, zirconia, e.max. Comes in 2 sizes – .3mm and .2mm



Ultra-thin separating discs for gold. Available in 2 sizes, 3/10 mm and 2/10mm 20,000 rpm



Ultra-thin separating discs in various sizes, excellent for cutting porcelain and all types of metals.