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Odorless, Capture All Burned Out Gases!


Compact Design

  • Roomy Interior Chamber - 180mm(W) x 230mm(D) x 160mm(H)

  • Compact Size / Weight - 385mm(W) x 440mm(D) x 710mm(H) /35kg

7" TFT LCD Touch Screen

  • Various Features and Easy to Use Touch Screen

  • Control Temperature & Pressure as You Need

Nickle-Chrome Alloy Coil

  • 1200°C, Maximum Temperature

Programmable Schedules

  • Fully Programmable & Capable of Creating Custom Cycles for Different Material Needs

Easy to Update

  • Software Upgrades through USB Port

  • Firing Cycle Upload / Download

  • Alternate Control with USB mouse

Environmental Friendly

  • Decontaminant Filter for gas byproducts

Front Panel


Sintering Furnace accessory part

Ceramic plate
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